We’re all right, there’s nobody wrong- Vinny

I was sitting at the bar having dinner and drinks with a friend when Vinny and his buddy came in. There was no room available so in true Bee form, I scooted over and signaled them to take a seat next to me. They were grateful, shot me a smile and took a seat. I was immediately intrigued by the two. Continue reading “We’re all right, there’s nobody wrong- Vinny”

Beauty in the Madness

Ebbs and flows.
Ups and downs.
Happiness and sadness.
Direction and feeling completely lost.
Walking in authority and desperately seeking validation.
Life will do that to you. There is no right or wrong way through this journey. You’re not crazy and the uncertainty will not last forever. You are Human. Capable of feeling. Capable of change. You are Human. Capable of knowing that there is beauty in the madness.


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Q: Why is she sharing such personal issues? Why are her posts all about her and her pain?

A: I write for self-reflection, I write for self- healing. I write as a way of acknowledging certain situations and thus making it easier to confront them and let them go. I write because I want to help others; and how can you help heal something you, yourself have never experienced? I am not a martyr. I am not a victim. I no longer live in my past. I am a woman of strength who wants to help others create their own flame when they cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Daddy Issues

Feeling is stronger than knowing.

Think about it.

Now for those that’d like to argue with me:

I know this burger is no good for me but I’ve been craving it all day. Eats burger, fries, the extra-large coke and the apple pie, self-induces lethargic food coma.

I know this guy is no good for me but I love him. Stays with guy, justifies all hurt.

I know I should be going to bed early but this sitcom gives me the feels. Binge watches show, hates the world in the morning.

Exactly. Continue reading “DADDY ISSUES”

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