Iron Sharpens Iron.

I don’t know if it’s because I felt like he was speaking to me condescendingly or if it was because he was telling me things I didn’t want to hear, but every word hurt so good.

Now I’m not a masochist. That’s not where I’m headed with this.

By the time I got to him I was already broken. Vulnerable. I wanted nothing more but for him to tell me that I was what he had been looking for. That he wanted to build upon everything I had to offer. I wanted him to see that I am every woman.

But instead what came out of his mouth were sharpened words. Phrases like “you’ve got to make yourself happy”, “start putting yourself first”, “relationships are not everything”.

I left there bleeding.

But those sharpened words and those deep cuts hurt good.

Iron sharpens iron.

He may not have given me what I wanted but I left there with everything I needed.



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