We’re all right, there’s nobody wrong- Vinny

I was sitting at the bar having dinner and drinks with a friend when Vinny and his buddy came in. There was no room available so in true Bee form, I scooted over and signaled them to take a seat next to me. They were grateful, shot me a smile and took a seat. I was immediately intrigued by the two.

They didn’t even have to ask for a drink, the minute they sat down the bartender poured them each a glass of cabernet sauvignon. Was I thinking: How cool are they? Or man, that’s sad! I hadn’t decided yet.

I couldn’t help but strike up a conversation with the two. Turns out they served in the Navy many moons ago (I’m estimating they were both in their 80s) and as we chatted about their service and their visits to Cuba and Guantanamo Bay, Vinny responds to one of his buddy’s comments about Cuba with: We’re all right, there’s nobody wrong. Boom. I was mind blown. Suddenly our small talk had meaning. I can’t remember anything else that was said that night but it was then that I had made up my mind that Vinny and his buddy were definitely cool.

We’re all right, there’s nobody wrong. Its true. No one can discount what it is you are feeling. Your feelings are valid even if those around you don’t understand them. Life however is all about perspective. Attitude. So don’t let those feelings own you, especially if they are doing you a disservice.

Learn to feel and then release those emotions. Learn that we are all on an individual journey and we must let life flow. Don’t hold on to one way of thinking. To one way of doing things. To one path. And don’t beat yourself up for ever having done so! Believe it or not you are still being true to yourself even if that self is ever-changing.



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