Half Man Half Animal  

Photo Credit: Francy Reyes

The alpha in me attracts him.

My degree does not intimidate him.

My short hair does not turn him off.

My ambition inspires him.

To him my shortcomings are just opportunities for him to take the lead.

He loves my desire to do everything for myself even when he sometimes needs to give me a boost.

He accepts what I do for him out of love because he knows I’d rather show it than say it.

He protects me from danger even when he senses that the threat is my very own mind.

He carries me on his back when I am weak because he knows I’d do the same.

He craves my body. Sometimes the urge is out of greed sometimes its out of his longing to multiply the good that is within us. Either way I am his.

He is loyal to our tribe where we are both recognized as leaders, each exhibiting our very own strength.

He is out there, howling at the moon for me.

And I am here, waiting on you my half man, half animal.




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