Soul Mates

I’d like to think that I am romantic to a degree. I mean maybe I am the thorn on the rose, but I’m part of that rose nonetheless. No?

Anyhow, I’ve always believed in a soul mate and I used to romanticize it as someone who would just fit perfectly into my world. Someone who would just get me. No effort necessary. They’d love me just as I am because I am enough. They’d be MY person. For always.

Life experiences and umpteen failed relationships later, I still believe in soul mates.

Except, I don’t think they are supposed to be who I once romanticized them to be.

Yes, a soul mate will get you but they won’t always fit into your world like the perfect puzzle piece, they won’t always be the comfort you seek because a soul mate is supposed to make you better and growth isn’t always comfortable. A soul mate will love you into who you are supposed to be. A soul mate challenges you. They’ll help you see things in you that you want to change in order to be who you want to be. This in its own right is empowerment and what is love if not empowerment? I mean, who goes on to do great things if not someone who feels loved or acts upon love or is spreading love?

And if this is the case then, is there only one true soul mate? Maybe some of what I’ve considered failed relationships, have simply been short term molding experiences. Soul molding experiences. Maybe it’s not that there was anything wrong with them or me, maybe it was simply relationships or interactions that were never meant to be everlasting. Simply part of our journey in learning ourselves and our very own love language. Maybe.

I am grateful for all my readers!

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  1. I liked this. 🙂 I believe we are lucky to have many soul-enriching experiences in our lifetime, which means we are fortunate enough to have many (different) soulmates who all provide an unique purpose to us at some point or another.

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