The Truth about Procrastination

So here is the thing about procrastination: I always find that I feel so much better when I finally conquer whatever task I’ve been putting off! If this is the case, why do I keep avoiding it? Why do I insist on keeping busy doing other meaningless or unproductive things like scrolling through Instagram or refreshing Snapchat a gazillion times or having another snack because I’m-bored-not-hungry? Well simply put, I’m blocking my own blessings. It’s true. Ps I love you Instagram and Snapchat, it’s not you, it’s me. But seriously…

 I block them because consciously or subconsciously:

A.      I feel I don’t deserve them or

B.      I’m resisting happiness or sometimes

C.      Both A and B

Like journaling or blogging for example. I absolutely love to write! I also feel a truckload of emotional weight melt right off me when I’ve written about something that’s been heavy on my mind. But can I just tell you that I’ve literally thought about blogging since my last post and well…considering this is my next post…I have literally not made ANY time to do so?

In fact, I have sabotaged every opportunity that has presented itself for me to write. I could tell you how busy I am as a full-time employee and a mom of three but those would just be excuses. You see, though real; those reasons don’t stop me from wasting my time on things that do not serve me, so I definitely shouldn’t let them stop me from doing things that I want to do; like blogging or working out (Ps I whispered this last part. I mean I doooo want to work out pero one thing at a time here).

I find that I write as a form of therapy (it’s so much cheaper and it gives me an honest opportunity at self-reflection) and yet I procrastinate on doing so. Many a time I’ve heard people say that they procrastinate because they “work better under pressure,” hell I may have said this a couple of times myself before, but the more I grow, the more I call my own bluffs. So yeah, that’s a lie!

 I don’t think it’s the thrill of meeting a deadline at the last minute, I think that there is a level of fear that all of us who procrastinate need to conquer.

 Why fear a sense of accomplishment? What is it that you are really afraid of?

Are you blocking your own blessings? Are you resisting happiness?

If so, consider the source of your doubt. We all have purpose. No matter what you believe in or what your religion is, if any, we were all made for greatness. That is the simple truth.  You deserve all things good, especially happiness.

Your greatness may not look like mine and mine may not look like yours. Both the sun and the moon shine differently but both with amazing splendor. The world needs the sun and the moon as much as it needs to experience your greatness.

Our source of doubt is usually ourselves. It is our disbelief that we can in fact be great. Yes, sometimes others may doubt us but believe it or not those outside voices can easily be tuned out. It is our own voice that we need to redirect. It is our own voice that can lead the path loud and clear. Make sure your voice is speaking the truth.

You ARE great. Do not procrastinate. (mix tape dropping fall 2018).

Now get up and do something you’ve been putting off. No matter how small the task, how small the first step, take it, do it. Be great.

-Blog post done, I’m motivated! I’m off to the gym!


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