What Are You Afraid Of?

What are you afraid of?

My answer? Stagnation.

I’m so afraid of stagnation that even stability sometimes feels like I’m not doing enough for the sake of progress. Continue reading “What Are You Afraid Of?”

The Truth about Procrastination

So here is the thing about procrastination: I always find that I feel so much better when I finally conquer whatever task I’ve been putting off! If this is the case, why do I keep avoiding it? Why do I insist on keeping busy doing other meaningless or unproductive things like scrolling through Instagram or refreshing Snapchat a gazillion times or having another snack because I’m-bored-not-hungry? Well simply put, I’m blocking my own blessings. It’s true. Ps I love you Instagram and Snapchat, it’s not you, it’s me. But seriously… Continue reading “The Truth about Procrastination”

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