Oh my soul.

Somedays I feel unstoppable.
Somedays I feel like the ground is going to open up and just swallow me whole.
Somedays… I wish it actually would.
But everyday I get up and fight the good fight.
I wish my soul wasn’t so familiar with transmutation.
But transmutation is magic.
And me?
I. Am. Magic.

This One is for You Gerald

Life is hard and there are always people waiting to prey on your weaknesses. There are always people waiting for your plans to fall through so that they can rejoice, either silently or with an “I told you so”. But there are also people like Gerald. People who clap it up for you when you’re doing good and clap harder when they know that its what it will take to get you through the finish line. The Gerald’s of the world check in when they sense something is off and check out when they know you need space. No strings attached. Just genuine kindness. Continue reading “This One is for You Gerald”

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